Emmert-Tipton Geneology

I always remember my father sitting at his computer (once he purchased one) and working on our family’s genealogy. While many students in my class were found it hard to find out who their great-great grandparents were, I was blessed that I could trace parts of my family back 20 generations. I didn’t particularly understand what it was that my Dad did, but I knew that he enjoyed it.

When I was older I began to get an interest and eventually took over his research. Let me be clear, I am by no means an expert! Much of the research was done by my father and others in my family. My goal, in taking on the task of keeper of the records, is to validate, add reliable sources, and gather stories and images. This is very much a work in progress (show me a genealogy that isn’t), but it is growing.

After getting married I discovered that my wife’s family, as well, had done their fair share of research and I have added that here as well.

The families that I am focused on are listed below.

Emmert: Emmert, Bentall, Wagoner, Swartz, Stevens, Craft, Libby, Kierdorf

Tipton: Tipton, Blevins, Grieshop, Friend, Rison, Crowe, Watson, Volz

If you have questions, corrections, additions, or anything that I can help with, please let me know.